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Public Pricing™ is the only trademarked non-traditional auction-based collaborative seller and buyer sales system. Industry experts—and more importantly, customers—have acclaimed it as “The Perfect System.”

Public Pricing has successfully sold new homes, luxury estates, country club homes, commercial property, hospitality properties, marinas, specialty properties, and land with great results.

The system is very successful in settling real estate legal matters with Alternative Dispute Resolutions for estate properties, corporate properties, and court ordered sales.

Developed and trademarked by Fred DeFalco, a real estate strategist with 44 years of experience, Public Pricing™ LLC is revolutionizing the real estate sales process.
Fred DeFalco is revered as one of the most innovative real estate brokers, marketers, and real estate auctioneers in the country.


The Public Pricing™ Sales System

All real estate offerings are unique and demands a unique and proper strategy accompanied by strategic and specific marketing parameters. Our strategy puts all focus on the real estate offered and intentionally eliminating specific or predetermined pricing.

Public Pricing™ works perfectly in all market conditions. Compared to all other traditional, conventional, and auction-marketing systems, Public Pricing™ sells properties more efficiently, conveniently and with perfect pricing and timing for both buyers and sellers

Public Pricing™ is a powerful sales and marketing system of integrity, full transparency and never adversarial in nature; it always represents all the facts in each transaction to buyers and sellers and provides a conduit for a smooth transaction between all parties.



Expertise is an understatement when referring to Fred DeFalco, his handling of three luxury estate homes for our family resulted in more money and in less time than the many competing luxury properties in our area. We are so impressed with his professional, knowledgeable and strategic approach to real estate marketing. His highly developed awareness of how the business and the personal interrelate has led to his development of many innovative and advantageous techniques. It is no wonder that the real estate industry and builders consult with him in challenging times."

“Over the years Mr. DeFalco has dealt with us on multiple real estate transactions. He was innovative in his approach in our purchasing two different high-end properties and the sale of two others. He was honest, reliable and respectful of all parties. He has been our real estate resource and asset since relocating to South Florida. We have bought and sold a lot of different properties in our lifetime, our experience with Fred DeFalco as our broker has been the most pleasant and productive."

“After a lifetime in the boxing and entertainment business I pronounce Fred DeFalco as “THE CHAMP” OF Real Estate. His approach to my many residential and commercial transactions with him over the last 25 years were all executed with the skill and execution of a champion."

“After 20 plus years of building many communities. We hired Fred DeFalco on numerous occasions during the winding down process of our marketing centers in four different communities to sell the remaining inventory. With thousands of choices of agents, we chose Fred DeFalco to handle our listings because of his creativity, strategies, and process. These homes ranged in price from $350,000 to $5,150,000. Each sale was handled in a timely manner and at a price our own staff was astounded with. One occasion on a $1.7 Million model home his Public Pricing System only produced two offers during a very difficult market time. One for $450,000 and the other $750,000. Fred DeFalco managed to get that transaction sold and closed in 60 days at $1,420,000 to the $750,000 prospect. To this day, I only know one broker who could do that, his name is Fred DeFalco."

“Our family has only the highest praise for Fred DeFalco. He has served as our realtor on three separate occasions, and each one was an efficient, cost-effective and thoroughly delightful experience. He is consistent, when buying he negotiated an excellent price, when selling it was at a higher price than we had imagined possible and secured a buyer within a week. His selling process was hassle-free, despite extensive negotiations that were required after damages to the house were caused by a storm. Fred was one of the first people we met in South Florida, and one of the last to wish us “Farewell” when we left. He ushered us in and out of South Florida with grace, charm and finesse."

“Our investment team and I purchased 64 condo units located throughout central and west Florida. After the market crash, we were stuck with these properties and rising rates. Fred DeFalco was recommended for a solution. His consulting helped achieve our goals. It was a tough market, and he delivered excellent results with leads from international buyers. Fred DeFalco is the answer in any market but in a tough market, don’t make a decision without him!"

"When illness forced me to sell my marina property and combined restaurant, I had many commercial agents wanting the listing. No broker would guarantee me the price of 5.5 million dollars net I wanted. After I saw the Public Pricing model, I knew it was the perfect system. After just three weeks of intense marketing and the Public Pricing strategy, it was sold for 6.2 million dollars. Thank You, Fred DeFalco"

“Our home was on the market with three other real estate companies over a two-year period. Still to this day we are amazed how Fred DeFalco was able to produce more prospects in 30 days then we had in the previous two years. From the listing date to the closing date it was 58 days and he negotiated for us time after the closing to find another property. Amazing!"

“As an attorney practicing for 25 plus years I had sold a couple of my properties as a For Sale By Owner, I thought and felt successfully. When I advertised one particular property (my own residence) as a For Sale By Owner Fred DeFalco called on me with his infamous For Sale By Owner program and his “no cost to me” pitch. As an attorney I met with him suspecting to catch him in a gimmick and misrepresentations. After I met him and saw the integrity of the program and his sincerity it resulted in me using the program. It worked but I could not get the price I wanted. I gave Fred DeFalco the listing and he got me 10% more than I was asking on my own. Since that time Fred DeFalco has handled all my family and client’s real estate transactions and business."

“When I was ready to sell my luxury waterfront home in Jupiter Fl., I met with many of the agents who called themselves the waterfront experts. Many very high-volume producers. I wanted to have it sold, closed and relocated ASAP, maximum in four months. All the specialist / brokers I met with could not give me a reasonable answer why many fine waterfront homes were still on the market after 180 plus days, some longer than a year. Also, when it came to a specific pricing of my property, they all came with computerized statistics, but the prices were all over the radar. When I met with Fred DeFalco, he was the only one who could and would promise me a specific time frame and specific price range. Sixty-Two days later I was at a closing for both the house I was selling and the house I was buying, thank you Fred DeFalco."

"A mixture of a divorce and the family home that both parties are emotionally attached to becomes very complicated. After 20 years as a divorce attorney, I found myself personally facing this situation that I had witnessed and been a part of with my own clients. When it came time to settle my own personal real estate/divorce dilemma, I was recommended to Fred DeFalco. To this day, I am not sure how Fred got my ex-husband and me to reach an amicable settlement of all our personal issues without a lawsuit, but he did, and Fred DeFalco is now my real estate hero and many of my clients as well."

“When I needed to sell my corporately owned multi-million-dollar luxury waterfront home, I met with many local agents who called themselves the waterfront experts. Many very high-volume producers. I wanted to have it sold, closed, and relocated ASAP, maximum in two months. All the specialists/brokers I met with could not give me a reasonable answer why many high-end waterfront homes in the market took 180 plus days, some longer than a year to sell. Also, when it came to specific pricing of my unique property, they all came with computerized statistics. Still, their opinion of my final selling price was all over the radar, and no guarantee of time to sell. When I met with Fred DeFalco, who was from out of my area, he was the only one who could and would promise me a specific time frame and price range. Sixty-Two days later, I was closing for both the house he sold and the home I was buying. Thank you, Fred DeFalco.”

"I was appointed trustee of my father's estate, including seven expensive residential and commercial properties. After one year listed with a major real estate company and two agents recommended by our attorneys, all offers we received failed. This resulted in family disputes which turned into a lawsuit among family members for eight solid months. After the estate’s legal bills surpassed $250,000, Fred DeFalco was introduced to the family. He was able to get six children to agree and stop fighting, the lawsuit was settled in three weeks, and a proper strategy was put in place with zero cost to settle the estate quickly."

"Fred DeFalco literally helped save my life. Divorce after 35 years is ugly enough, but during the same time, my father’s estate, which I had an interest was robbed, which also resulted in the filing of a foreclosure on my luxury home. Also, the theft became a threat of us losing a 25-year family business tied up in the estate. I thought the world had ended. Four months later, we were all taken care of. Fred DeFalco produced twenty-one offers on our home, met with the bank at a prearranged mediation he strategically planned with our attorney, negotiated a successful settlement agreement at mediation which protected our equity, and got the sale closed in 45 days. During the same time, he settled a $350,000 claim on the family business, which saved it. I am now in a new home and building a new life for myself, and the family business is in great shape."

"Our national family-owned commercial real estate investment company has been around for 65 years. We have used many national commercial real estate companies to buy and sell commercial assets. We chose Fred DeFalco and his Public Pricing system over national companies and multi-family specialists when selling two significant multi-family assets. We had a price target very high that was way above market statistics and comparable properties. The results were astounding compared to what other professionals had predicted we could achieve with the two sales."

"I have been practicing bankruptcy law for many years specializing in corporate restructuring with the chapter 11 process. Two of my clients had Fred DeFalco involved as their real estate specialist and consultant. What was achieved with his involvement was one for the Chapter 11 textbooks. His tenacity, persistence, and skill turned horrible situations into win-win business arrangements for all involved."

"As a litigation attorney with 40 years of experience, I have known Fred since 1990. I have been astounded by every transaction that Fred DeFalco has been involved in with my clients. In numerous cases, I have seen him come up with the most creative real estate resolutions with the country's biggest and most challenging banks by creating value for both sides. His philosophy that he lives daily of focusing on What's Right vs. Who's Right in every deal is powerful and very effective."

"When I needed an extensive aviation facility for my international business and private plane collection, I was introduced to Fred DeFalco. When he identified the right place that was not even on the market, he swiftly started a process, including flying across the country with only a few hours’ notice to wrap up the transaction. Two months later, I was the proud owner of my own aviation center and corporate headquarters."

"Our group had an opportunity to purchase a 54-story office building fully rented at a 40% discount with 65% owner financing offered if we could produce a contract of sale with a 35-day closing (January 1st Deadline for the corporation to have the asset off their books). The agreement must have a one-million-dollar cash deposit. We ran out of options, and then we were introduced to Fred. We believe in him so much we offered him a 25% partnership to help us make the transaction happen. In 48 hours, he had the deal wrapped up and signed; we closed on the building on December 31st at 8:30 PM."

"My husband purchased 37 acres to redevelop into an RV Park, a personal dream after working all his career for others selling RVs. After a lengthy approval process and just ready to build, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness and only given a few months to live. After scrambling with many brokers and trying to find the right solution, we came up with no answers other than letting the property go at a fire sale and lose all our equity which was needed for what we were facing personally. My husband met Fred DeFalco at the RV dealership he worked for, they struck up a conversation. One hour later, Fred was touring the property; by the end of that day, we had a contract to close in 25 days. We closed 19 days later, and we received the $300,000 we had put into the property. My husband lived another nine months after the sale; we traveled in our Class A RV and had a blast for six of those nine months, thanks to Fred DeFalco."

"As a banking executive in real estate lending for many years, I had a customer who purchased 54 acres, and we were going to do the lending. However, the lending became challenging on the property due to zoning issues and a few other problems. My customer needed to develop an exit strategy that would hopefully be profitable versus giving up on the property. Fred DeFalco was my customer on a commercial property we had financed for him. I was always impressed with Fred’s creativity. I recommended to my customer to contact Fred. My customer called me three days later and said THANK YOU, Fred developed a plan, and I will be closing on the property in 30 days and with a big profit, and he did."

"My parents lived in Florida, 1200 miles from me and 3000 miles away from my brother. My father had to use all the equity in their 6000 square foot country club home to try and save his businesses during the 2008 – 2009 economic crisis. Sadly, my father’s health started failing, and he died four years later. My mother handled everything and the debt for a few years until her health began to decline, diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My brother and I took over all financial affairs for my mother and wanted to move her near me. We put the house on the market with the community expert and waited for a sale that would give us enough money to pay off the mortgage and debts to the community after one year and many price reductions that never happened. After that, one year later, most of my mother’s funds were depleted, and she had to be hospitalized permanently. We were stressed to the max; the house, the upkeep, the payments, HOA expenses, and the mortgage were now our burden. A friend of our family in Florida recommended we contact Fred DeFalco. In 30 days, our problems were solved. Fred immediately took over the house, all contents we did not want, and all expenses. He did all this, plus he made sure we were released from any current and future liabilities. We were totally free to focus on my mother and the remaining 18 months she lived.    "


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